Birst for Financial Analytics

Birst Financial Analytics empowers mid-size enterprises to combine
operational and financial data into a holistic view and go beyond reporting
financial results to helping businesses understand and improve the
operational drivers of revenue, profit and cash. Birst augments its data
integration and warehousing capabilities with operational reporting, analytics
and advanced visualization which allow business users to interact directly with
data and quickly identify and respond to business trends, diagnose root causes
of issues and take action to improve results without assistance from IT.
Build a Single Version of Truth that Provides a Consistent,Comprehensive View
Combine sales data from your CRM system with financial information from
the accounting system to better manage your revenue results and expenses.
Birst enables organizations to quickly combine information from disparate
data sources like Excel spreadsheets, CRM, ERP, Financials, Payroll to create a
comprehensive view of the business and its financial performance.
Maximize Revenue and Better Manage Sales
Analyze sales and revenue by region, product, industry and sales organization.
Rapidly identify and invest in areas of strength and address areas of weakness.
By better managing your sales through the bookings-billings-backlog process
organizations can improve revenue results and benefit from interactive insight
into the organizations opportunities as well as orders, discounting, shipments
and invoices.
Increase Cash Flow
Monitor and manage your organizations cash flow with insight into Accounts
Receivable and Accounts Payable. Free up cash by improving inventory turns
with better insight into sales and inventory across your organization. Stay on
top of your cash with insight into net cash flow, days payable, working capital,
work in process and inventory.
Interactive Dashboards and Reports
Analyze expenses by drilling from high-level categories to specific line items.
Establish exception reports to highlight out–of-bounds expenses. Identify
your most profitable and least profitable segments and offerings, so you can
optimize your business mix. Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as
revenue, expenses and gross margin, operating profit and net income via
interactive dashboards and drill into reports for details.
Get Up & running in Weeks, Not Months or Years
Get fast return on a Birst investment. Most customers deploy a customized
Birst solution in just a few weeks compared to months or years required for
traditional solutions. Birst’s solution ensures data accuracy and automation,
easy integration and aggregation, support for multiple information
consumption styles, flexible deployment options, and enterprise-wide
Low Total Cost of Ownership, High ROI
Drive results quickly and affordably. Birst’s ease of use and self-service
capabilities allow even the largest implementations to be managed by a
single administrator. Birst is 1/3 the cost, time and resources of traditional
solutions while providing end-to-end BI capabilities in single, integrated
Drive Performance and Maintain Financial Health
Monitor and analyze your organization’s key financial metrics such as Quick
Ratio, Current Ratio and Return on Assets so that you can proactively maintain
your organization’s financial health. Analyze performance compared to plan.
Highlight key variances and drill down into operational reports to view line
items driving the difference. Identify shortfalls early so you can take corrective
action and improve results.

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