Core BI Services

Intelligent Consulting (IC) delivers a full spectrum of BI and advisory and technology services in both commercial and public sectors. Our Core BI services are divided into 3 offerings:

Strategic Business Intelligence

Traditionally, organizations have used BI as an operational tool to deliver reports and answer ad-hoc questions.

Intelligent Consulting sees BI as a strategic enabler, providing high value capabilities that allow organizations to their strategic goals, not just operate day to day.

Our expertise in in Strategic BI ensures our clients understanding which metrics to track to achieve strategic results, which technologies to employ, and how to ensure best practices are continuously maintained.

Our Strategic Business Intelligence Service include:

  • Performance Analytics
  • KPI Development and Workshops
  • BI Roadmapping
  • Software Selection
  • Advisory and Planning
  • Financial Analytics
  • Business Analytics

Data Delivery

More often than not, IT acts as a “uber gatekeeper” to all critical information.

Intelligent Consulting’s data delivery philosophy revolves around realizing a “data democracy” in which information is quickly and easily accessible by the data consumer without having to rely on a gate keeper.

We are experts at architecting and delivering systems that allow for this sort of egalitarian data accessibility as well as delivering data in a way that is both easy to understand and advisory, not only reactive, in nature.

Our Data Delivery Service include:

  • BI Software Implementation
  • Dashboard Design and Development
  • Report Development
  • Mobile BI Development
  • BI Technology Architecture Services
  • BI Project Management
  • Post Deployment Support/Help Desk Services
  • Best-shoring services

Data Design

Many organizations approach Data Warehousing as multi year long endeavors to transform all corporate data into a reporting friendly model. Historically, this approach has led to very delayed and questionable ROI.

At Intelligent Consulting, we take an Agile “fishing” approach to DW. We dig for just the data needed for critical decision making and develop an extensible core data model that is ready in months, not years. This allows our customers to realize true DW value sooner than a traditional DW approach while at the same time provides a solid base for on-going DW expansion.

Our Data Design Service include:

  • Data Warehousing
  • Data ETL/Integration
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Management
  • Data Quality
  • Unstructured Data Management and Analytics
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